Facial Vaporizer

399.00 999.00

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Capacity: 500 ml
Color: Blue
Material : Plastic
Useful in relief from cold & cough, Nasal congestion & breath problems.


3 In 1 Steam Sauna Vaporizer is one of the most well- designed and effective personal care items available in the market. This product is suitable for Personal use. It is a vaporizer that is brought to you by Dulari Handicrafts.
It is a high end breathe free vaporizer. Helps get relief from common cold, bronchitis, , sinusitis, throat irritation and stuffy head and nose irritation. It is aesthetically designed and fabulously created. It is a remarkable and cost- effective Inhaler. The product can also be categorized as a Steamer as well as Sauna.

It is beneficial and effect at the time of Cold or Cough. The product gives a Sauna- like appeal and effectiveness, The product is meant for Facial use. It follows the technique of Aroma and Aroma Therapy, For those who are suffering from Respiratory Ailments can buy and use this product to have Therapy at home. The Nose and Throat Treatment and Treatment of Cold provided by this stylish product is above any other treatment. 1 meter long cord It is effective in the case . It is Ideal for Facial Steamer. Features It looks stylish and simple and is in the color

1) Please Fill The Water On Bottom Flask. Please Do Not Use Ro Water At All.
2) Now Plug In The Wire . Switch On
3) If You Want To Use Facial Mask, Please Fit The Facial Mask Before Turning On The Machine. Same For Nose Mask.
4) Within 1-2 Mins, Vapor Will Start Generating, For Wellness For Inhalation:- Relief from, Common cold, cough & Stuff nose, headache, Sinusitis, Bronchitis(Inhalant additive to be used under physician’s advice) Soothes (Balm effect):- Strained muscles strained joints, Stiff Joints. Useful in aroma Therapy & Ayurvedic Treatments. 100% Plastic Body to prevent shocks Cord length 1Mtr Approx.


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Facial Vaporizer

399.00 999.00